Roy Keane at His Brutish Best as he Dresses Down Everton

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There are few things sweeter in life than the give-no-fucks attitude that Roy Keane presents us with, a mean midfielder during his playing days who collected red cards like Panini stickers and a natural born winner. Thankfully for football fans everywhere Keano stayed in the game and has been just as poison-tongued off the pitch as he once was on it.


Keane has been speaking to the press on James McCarthy’s forced exclusion from the Ireland squad due to injury and used the opportunity to take a pop at Everton football club and its players:

“I’m not sure when they last won a trophy, I know it was a few years ago so maybe they’re overloading players with games but that usually means you’re playing midweek games and Everton don’t do that because they don’t play European football…their players need to toughen up a bit.”

Th press asked Keane how important a strong relationship with Everton was to him.

“Why would we need to maintain a good relationship with Everton? They’re lucky to have the Irish lads that they’ve got there. Everton have traditionally had good Irish players so they shouldn’t be so quick to stop Irish players coming to play for Ireland.”

Finally the bearded Irishman was questioned about the how much Koeman’s opinions mattered to him:

“I couldn’t care less about Koeman’s opinions. There’s no issue with me there.”

Classic Keano, let’s hope that this guy always stays in the game in some capacity be it manager, coach or pundit, there’s a real niche for hairy, angry Irishman in the world of football. Just to prove our point even further, we’ll leave you with the reason that Roy Keane didn’t sign Robbie Savage for Sunderland, in his own words.

‘Robbie’s legs were going a bit but I thought he might come up to us [at Sunderland] with his long hair, and give us a lift – the way Yorkie had, a big personality in the dressing room.

‘Sparky gave me permission to give him a call. So I got Robbie’s mobile number and rang him.

‘It went to his voicemail, “Hi it’s Robbie – whazzup!

‘I never called him back. I thought: “I can’t be f***ing signing that.”

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