Chilean Footballer Outdoes Cantona After Kicking Fan in the Stands

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A Chilean footballer who plays for top  flight club Addax Italiano has been forced to apologise after jumping on the advertising hoardings and booting a fan in the chest. The incident has brought back memories of one of the Premier League’s most mental moments when Eric Cantona famously kung-fu kicked a fan in the face at Selhurst Park after being sent off.


Sebastian Pol, an Argentinian striker playing for the Chilean side was arrested shortly after the game for the crazy incident and has not only apologised but tried to say that the kick was unintentional, claiming he just wanted to give the mouthy fan a bit of a fright, see the video for yourself below and make your own mind up.

Speaking to reporters form the police station, Pol was in an apologetic mood:

“I’m really full of regret for this, I apologise to him profusely. I didn’t mean to strike him, I just wanted to frighten him. It’s something new that life has taught me.”

Something new that life has taught you? What a load of bollocks, you swing your foot into someone’s chest mate and you’re gonna end up in a cell.

The striker has been provisionally banned from all sporting activities for the next 20 days whilst the Chilean authorities investigate the case, Cantona was banned from the game for 9 months following his famous attack and Pol could be looking at something similar. Th striker claims that the fan he kicked had insulted him but you can’t be going on that way, if everyone was like him then Wayne Rooney would be kicking the shit out of fans on a weekly basis.

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