Police Called After Jack Grealish ‘s Hippy Crack Party

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Aston Villa youngster Jack Grealish saw the police arrive at his hotel room party at 745 in the morning after resellers refused to leave following a night tooting on nitrous oxide balloons aka. Hippy Crack. A total of 6 police officers were called to the Park Regis Hotel in Birmingham’s city centre after guests could no longer stand the noise of the crazy party, spread across several rooms, as they headed on down for breakfast.

This isn’t the first time that the young Grealish has been caught out when it comes to the hippy crack balloons, he had to apologise to Tim-I’m-Responsible-For-Tottenham’s-Success-Sherwood in 2015 after getting caught out inhaling the party drug and being pictured passed on the floor whilst on holiday in Tenerife.


The Daily Mail spoke with West Midlands Police who confirmed that: ‘Police were called by a member of staff at a Broad Street hotel at 7.45am on Sunday morning (18 Sept) after concerns were raised by guests over a rowdy party. Officers attended and a group of up to 12 people, men and women, left the hotel; no-one was arrested.’

Apparently a source who was inside the party claims that Grealish was at the party but didn’t inhale any of the balloons, a statement which we’re gonna call bullshit on, that’s like saying you picked up grapes from the supermarket but didn’t eat one, come on Jack, we know you better than that.

Roberto Di Matteo’s Aston Villa released a statement simply saying: ‘The club are aware of allegations regarding an incident at the weekend which we are investigating internally.’ or in other words, we read the news, saw some shit, will ask a few question but we can’t really do without Jack so we reckon everything will be fine.

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