Phil Neville Thinks Spitting is “The Worst Thing You Can Do on a Football Pitch” (Yawn)

 9 years, 2 months ago 0 Comments

neville phil

You could almost mouth the words as the dull former Man U and Everton midfielder spoke them. Pundits were absolutely right to condemn the spitting incident between Newcastle’s Pappis Cisse and Manchester United’s Jonny Evans – it’s vile and it has no place in a game where children look up to footballers as role models, in a sport where there seems to be few good players to look up to as a wee scamp.

But to say it’s the ‘worst thing you can do’ on a football pitch? Come on, Phil! Surely intentionally trying to break an opponents leg is worse than being a filthy sharer of phlegm! We at the LOLFootball office gave ourselves a 1 minute challenge and tested our football memories, (some older than others) to bring to you as many things as possible that are worse than spitting on a football pitch:

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