Pascal Chimbonda and the Time Jimmy Bullard Wanked in Front of Him

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Many players who’ve played in the Premier League will tell you that the dressing room antics are unlike anywhere else in the World and that the British clubs are truly the kings of banter. Think back to the Crazy Gang, the stories that have unfolded over the years of players locked in washing machines and kit bags, burning players clothing and of course Gazza’s ridiculously long list of pranks, from poo pies to bringing an Ostrich to training!


Now, ex- Spurs, QPR and Sunderland defender Pascal Chimbonda has been discussing what the dressing room bantz is really like in England and he has a pretty epic story about the hyper-active and twisted Jimmy Bullard. Bullard is a man who is sorely missed from the game who once created one of the League’s best celebrations when he sat the Hull players down for a stern talking to in response to then-coach Phil Brown’s antics the previous week.

Speaking to French TV station SFR Sport, Chimbonda revealed his shocking story involving Bullard:

“The English are all crazy. Jimmy Bullard… Wow… We are in a room watching TV. I look to my right and the guy is in the process of (makes a certain hand gesture). He in his head, he was not right. It was in a room in a hotel. There were 5 of us in the room.” 

In case you hadn’t guessed, that hand gesture was the international hand gesture for wanking, even if you don’t speak French, you don’t need to be a genius to work it out from the video below.

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