Newcastle Fan Gets Possible Worst Tattoo in History

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We’ve seen some pretty horrendous football related tattoos over the years, Liverpool badges with parrots instead of Liver birds, players names and numbers tattooed onto people’s backs and even misspelled team names. One Newcastle fan however may well have just taken the prize for the shittest and most inaccurate tattoo of all time.

Newcastle are having a decent run of things of late, after being relegated last season, manager Rafa Benitez has gained the loyalty of his team and they are putting in some great performances in the league, scoring for fun and sitting pretty at the top of the Championship with 3 points between themselves and second placed Brighton.

Not only are they doing well in the Championship, they are also through to the last 8 of the EFL cup following their last-16 emphatic 6-0 victory over Preston North End. The Magpies got a favourable draw in the next round, playing Hull City away and so convinced of his team’s chances, Toon fan Connor Stobbs decided to get a tattoo on his arse to celebrate Newcastle winning the trophy.

Not only was this decision optimistic as fuck, it was also ridiculously stupid as the hapless fan ended up asking for ‘NUFC, EFL Cup Champions 2016,’ as those of us with brain cells are well aware, this season’s cup champions will indeed be champions 2017.


The chances of Newcastle going on to win the competition with the likes of Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal still in it are incredibly slim and even if the unlikely should occur, the chances of him getting that 6 changed to a 7 seem even slimmer.

At least he got the tattoo on his arse, not only is it exactly where this type of gash tattoo belongs, but it also means that nobody but his Mrs and his unfortunate mates will have to see it.

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