Mike Ashley Finally Admits He Has No Idea What He’s Doing

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When you think of Mike Ashley you probably think “If only if he was as good at running a football club then he is at selling tracksuits at Sports Direct” his reign as Newcastle United owner is arguably most memorable for that time he skulled a whole pint in 15 seconds while sitting in the stands to watch his club take on Arsenal at The Emirates.

For an owner whose desire it was to bring trophies to St James’ Park it is fair to say that he probably did not have the EFL Championship success from last season in mind, critics of Newcastle often say that is something resembling a shambles up on Tyneside and this new information which has come to light will probably explain why.

Now usually if you were a club owner you should know just about every detail about what is going on, the ticket prices, how much an away shirt will cost, not to mention the price of a dodgy pie. But one thing you would definitely be aware of is the clubs transfer dealing.

Not Mike Ashley though, his comments have probably got Newcastle fans shaking their heads in disbelief as the sportswear selling juggernaut after he said “Do you think I make the decisions for Newcastle United? I’m the last person to know.” Which begs the question with some of the dross that has ended up at St James’ Park during his tenure just who is making the decisions

Maybe the successful businessman is making the decisions but is so drunk he cannot remember, that may not be the most outrageous theory especially as the man himself has recently also stated that he likes to get drunk and that he is a ‘power drinker’. Maybe he’s making drunken promises to Rafa Benitez and then he wakes up with the fear the next day.

Has Ashley accidently promised Benitez a sizeable transfer warchest this summer late one night only to wake up with no recollection the next morning much to the annoyance of the former Valencia and Liverpool manager who is beginning to get increasingly frustrated at the lack of signings in preparation for next season.

And if Newcastle’s owner is not responsible for the clubs transfer business then who does Rafa actually need to go and talk to. Is he now in the equivalent of a call centre scenario where he is passed on to a different board member each time with no-one retuning his phone calls. Maybe it’s the work experience lad whose duties have somehow gone from Photocopying to Director Of Football.

To be honest when it comes to Newcastle United and Mike Ashley nothing surprises me anymore, but at least they do provide a near endless source of entertainment and the soap opera will no doubt continue over the weeks and months to come.

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