Mexican Superstar Accused of Fronting Up Drug Trafficking Organization

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Beloved Mexican defender Rafael Marquez has been sanctioned by the U.S. treasury and stands accused of not only being involved with a drug cartel and its boss Flores Hernandez, but also of holding assets and acting as a ‘front person’ for the drug cartel boss.

Hernandez sounds like a sick little fucker, working independently but having strong ties to both the Sinaloa cartel which El Chapo Guzman fronted for many years, and with the New Generation Jalisco cartel who are a bunch of fucking lunatics!

Marquez has lead a glittering career as one of Mexico’s most famous exports, aside from the shitload of cocaine of course. The defender is currently playing for Mexican side Atlas and still captains the national team as he approaches the end of a career which saw him represent his country in 4 World Cups and winning the Champions League twice with Barcelona as well as a string of league wins and domestic honours.

It should come as little surprise that there are many Mexican footballers who seek the fast money of the cartels over scratching a wage playing the game they love, but surely Marquez has a life that glitters with gold after a successful playing career, quite why he’d fancy channeling his inner Escobar is beyond us.

The current situation means that Marquez is banned from the U.S. has had many assets frozen and is banned from doing any business with a U.S. company. Naturally the representatives of Marquez have refuted any claims and the defender was apparently too busy to leave a comment citing a ‘special operation’ as his reasons for not speaking out, seems fair.

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