Married Prem Star Blackmailed For A £100k After One Night Stand

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An unnamed Premier League defender has been embroiled in a sex scandal that could cost him £100k and potentially his marriage, the Sunday Sun reports.

The defender is said to be a ‘household name’ and spent a night with woman for ‘no holds barred sex’  after meeting at a party. After the steamy session the defender made the foolish mistake of sending the woman explicit photos and videos of himself (has Ashley Cole taught us nothing?)

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After receiving the images the woman took them to the players’ club and demanded £100k for her silence, the club referred her to their legal department and have so far refused to pay up, the  player is said to be ‘distraught’ after learning of the events and as far as we can assess the players wife is still unaware.

The Sun’s source was quoted as saying.

‘It may have been a brief encounter but it left them both exhausted. This was pure animal passion. His wife would be horrified if she ever found out the full details.’

I mean honestly who could that source have been other than the woman involved or a little man hiding in the cupboard, sadly the Sun cannot name the player, the woman involved or the club in question so we’re left to guess.

Who do you think it might be?

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