Like Mother, Like Son: Is Marquez’s Mum also involved in drug-related business?

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The drama in the Mexican football league continues, as the hottest story of the season keeps giving news to talk about. On Wednesday, just before the city’s derby against Chivas, Marquez received a call from his lawyers clearing him to start collecting his salary from Atlas, the club he plays in. As always, Atlas lost against its arch nemesis, but at least they the national team captain available for the last games of the tournament.

While Marquez seems to be winning significant legal battles, the truth is that he is still far away from clearing his name. He is still blacklisted in the United States, he doesn’t have access to his cash and business in America, and he cannot play on US soil. That’s is a long list of problems to solve right there.

As you would expect, Marquez is receiving all the attention, but what about his mum? The federal congresswoman, Rosa Alicia Álvarez Piñones is clearly involved in Rafa’s illegal activities and the press and the public have been very quiet about her participation in this whole matter. But the facts are there and she had to know what her son was getting in to.

In the year 2007, Rosa Alicia bought an expensive piece of land in the prosper municipality of Zapopan, and she did in association with Raúl Flores, one of the drug lords that pulled Marquez into this mess in the first place. Why was the congresswoman doing business with a drug dealer? Did she really not know what Flores did for a living? Of course she did, Marquez is very close to the Flores family and he knows them too well.

Álvarez Piñones is getting plenty of protection from the Mexican political system. The infamous Green Party has pulled all its strings to keep her out of the public eye and avoid all the bad press. The congresswoman has routinely refused to take calls from the media in an effort to keep her name out of the mess, but there really is nowhere to run if Marquez can’t clear his name.

But at least the captain received some hope and he’ll be able to finish the season on the pitch, where he belongs. His team, Atlas, does not have the best chances of winning the title, they probably never will and these odds are a reflection of that scenario. But the lesson of the story does not change, like they say: like mother, like son.

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