Klopp Condemns Emre Can’s Wet Willy as Disgusting

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Emre Can suffered what can only be described as an act of terror during Liverpool’s FA Cup clash with Plymouth last week. The tense game finished 0-0 as Argyle adopted a siege mentality which saw them claim a payday encounter with the Reds back at Home Park.

The game had the players revved up and in an extraordinary move, Argyle defender Sonny Bradley was seen to give Emre Can the brutal move, perfected by karate experts back in Japan, the Wet Willy. Bradley even had the audacity to use a new variation of the Wet Willy and instead of opting to suck his finger first to moisten it, he used Can’s own sweat from under his arms.

The move has been condemned by the footballing community and today, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has spoken out about the foul act.

‘I never saw it before actually. Wet willy. Who did it first, was it Willy? It’s a funny thing, but being on the wrong side of a wet willy in a game, that’s not nice.

‘The player of Plymouth, they say he is a clever player annoying Emre Can, but if anyone thinks it’s funny, I don’t think it’s funny – it’s disgusting. Hopefully he tries again.

‘I can remember the reaction of Emre on the pitch, and he was close to getting a yellow card.

‘Nobody saw it obviously. Somebody thinks it’s funny – I don’t think it’s funny.’

Clearly no laughing matter for the German boss and something which he will no doubt be trying to get over ahead of his crucial clash with Manchester United on Sunday, the last thing the manager needs whilst trying to get his players focussed is the haunting image of Bradley’s wet willy in his mind. Can has been offered some counselling but it has been reported that he simply didn’t want to talk about it.

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