Jonathan Walters Votes Tory and Everyone Loses Their Minds

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jonathan walter tory

The divide between the wealthy footballers who drive Bentleys for shits and giggles and the working-class fans who are the very foundation of their riches, has never been as wide as it is today. So with that in mind, it’s probably not the greatest idea to gloat your Tory pride after a general election which is currently polarising the nation.

Unless you’re Stoke City’s Jonathan Walters of course and you simply don’t give a f**k!

jonathan walters Tory

As always with anything contentious; the Twittersphere blew up and shots were fired at the Stoke front man.

jonathan walters Tory

jonathan walters Tory

jonathan walters Tory

jonathan walters Tory

jonathan walters Tory

The Scouse striker was probably better off leaving it there, but returned with (along with some choice emojis) “Haha so many keyboard warriors on here …On the other hand you could of had that guy from Wallace and Gromit with Jimmy Krankie.”

The juvenile abuse of course continued and one Twitter user affirmed that he hopes that Walters and Karl Henry (another self ‘outed’ Tory) end their careers this weekend with a painful injury whilst accusing Walters of having too much cushion for the pushing.

Walters wasn’t finished there and left another cheeky dig at his online abuser:

walters tory

We’re expecting some inventive chants during Stokes game against Spurs later on today!

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