Joey Barton Signed Off With Stress as he Gets Closer to Ibrox Door

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Here we go again, Joey Barton filling column inches as his exit from Rangers gets closer and closer, and now, like many of his family no doubt, Barton has been signed off with stress. For fucks sake Joey, all you need to do is train hard, play football, collect your paycheck and keep your  mouth closed, how stressful is that!


Like many of the clubs that Barton has been at throughout his career, his time at Rangers has been fraught with controversy and problematic behaviours. He’s been outed as a Celtic fan, trolled the club he supposedly supports relentlessly on Twitter, been investigated for breaching betting rules, not to mention a little tax evasion and also been sent home from training after a bust up and banned from the club. Jesus, he’s only been there 4 months!

After all of the latest goings on, Barton has been officially signed off with stress, surely just a way of keeping the player away from his club whilst the Glasgow giants look for the most cost-effective way of getting him out the door.

Former teammate Danny Mills was speaking last week about Barton and his problems at Rangers:

‘It seems quite clear Rangers are trying to freeze him out,’ said Mills, ‘but training with the kids will frustrate Joey and either he leaves in January or they frustrate him and keep prodding at him and he might snap and they can get away with sacking him.

‘It will be very difficult for him. He will probably look at it and say: ‘It’s eight weeks until the transfer window, I’ll get my head down.’ But if he doesn’t get a move then all parties might have to look at the situation – it could turn volatile”

Everyone in the footballing world knows what a volatile Joey Barton looks like, we’re not surprised that’s what the Glasgow side are trying to avoid!

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