Jermaine Pennant Finally Hits Rock Bottom

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Jermaine Pennant has just made what is sure to be his last signing in football with his recent arrival at Bostik Premier League giants Billericay FC, the football graveyard. Pennant will team up with Jamie O’Hara less famous for his footballing ability than his claim to being Danielle Lloyd’s 50th footballer shag, and Paul Konchesky a defender who promised so much as a youngster and failed on all counts throughout his career.

Somewhat surprisingly, just over a decade ago, Pennant played a full 90 minutes in ‘that’ Champions League final for Liverpool, now he will be earning £3,000 per week in the back of beyond.

Billericay will be Pennant’s 11th club, and that is without taking loan moves into consideration, it will also be his 5th in 3 years and it looks like it will be this little money-grabber’s last chance to cash in, if you can call it that.

Pennant should be ashamed of where he has ended up, he chose glamour model-shagging, drink driving and generally being a little c*nt rather than focussing on his football. Had he done so, he could have been cashing in right now in the cash-rich Asian league rather than languishing down in the nether regions of football with O’Hara from Big Brother and Paul Konchesky, more famous for his Mum’s outbursts than his playing ability.

It could all end in tears for the trio however as Billericay are potentially writing more cheques than their arses can cash. The small town has a wage bill of over £30,000 which may not seem like much, but if your in the Bostik Premier League, it is quite a figure, the biggest team in the league only have a wage bill of £5,000. Let’s hope it implodes and that Pennant is forced out of football forever.

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