French Mayor Eats Rat After Bet Goes Terribly Wrong

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We have all been known to make a wild bet or two which hasn’t quite paid off and left us with a debt or some ridiculous forfeit which we must face. It happens to the best of us, Rodney Marsh having to shave his head and Gary Lineker wearing nothing but his ‘pants’ whilst presenting Match of the Day. French Mayor Charles Dayot from the town of Mont-de-Marsan however, took things to a whole new level and he has just paid for his defeat, by eating a rat.

The hapless mayor placed the bet going into the second leg of the Champions League last 16 between Paris Saint Germain and Barcelona. To jog your memory, PSG were up 4-0 going in to the second leg at the Camp Nou. The mayor stated that were PSG to go on to lose, he would indeed eat a rat.

Barcelona destroyed PSG in the return leg and an injury time goal from Sergi Roberto ensured that Barca would win 6-1 on the day and 6-5 on aggregate.

It may have taken a while to come to fruition, but kudos to the French mayor who put his money quite literally where his mouth is. The foolish things about all of this is that the mayor never actually placed a bet against anyone, he simply blurted out on Facebook that should his beloved PSG lose, he would eat one of the little rodents. True to his word, that is exactly what he did on Sunday, and here’s the footage.

Well, I bet he feels like a dick! What are the craziest bets you have lost throughout the years? Let us know in the comments section below.

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