Jamie O’Hara And His Filthy Sexts To Spurs Teammate

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Regardless of what level of football you play at, putting that amount of blokes together in one place will inevitably lead to one thing – mind out of the gutter please –  we are of course talking about epic pranks! Finding ways to hurt, humiliate or wind up you teammates is an ancient past-time and there is no doubt that even back when the beautiful game was first invented, there was some cunt putting paprika in his teammate’s boxers.

We love prank stories here at LOL towers and we have one today courtesy of ex-Spurs midfielder Jamie O’Hara. Following his time at Spurs the midfielder’s career has taken nose-dive and having had brief spells at Wolves, Fulham, Chesterfield and Blackpool, O’Hara has decided to sack off looking for another club and instead joined Celebrity Big Brother to sit on his arse in the for a while for an easy pay-day, why change the habit of a lifetime eh Jamie!


Here, courtesy of the Irish Mirror is the footage of Jamie reliving one of the best pranks that he was on the end of during his Spurs days where he was unknowingly sending some x-rated messages to his teammate before their casual encounter in a hotel room.

It has yet to emerge who the Spurs player was that gave Jamie the horn, if you’ve any theories then put it in the comments below.

Most of us will feel for O’Hara we can’t think of anything worse than being horned up with some filthy sexts, arranging a rendez-vous before having your pants pulled down by your mates, figuratively speaking of course.

The most important part of O’Hara’s woes however is that this story serves as a great lesson to any would-be pranksters out there who are looking to give their mate a good wind up. If it ends up affecting your career you should use a online reputation management company to help you salvage your reputation.

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