Irony as Ex-Scotland International Found Guilty of Rape

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Ex Scotland international David Goodwillie and former Dundee United teammate David Robertson have been found guilty of rape from an incident which took place in 2011. The pair were cleared of criminal charges back in 2011 but have been found guilty in a civil case and forced to pay the victim £100,000 each.

It seems that David’s willy wasn’t quite as well behaved as his name suggests when he and pal Robertson took the woman home on the fateful night in 2011. Witnesses say that the woman was smashed out of her skull, our words not theirs, and that the pair offered her a lift home. The two went on to have sex with the woman who claims that at no point did she consent, contrary to what the pair had to say.

The judge presiding over the case had this to say on the incident:

“I find the evidence for the pursuer to be cogent, persuasive and compelling. In the result, therefore, I find that … both defenders took advantage of the pursuer when she was vulnerable through an excessive intake of alcohol and, because her cognitive functioning and decision-making processes were so impaired, was incapable of giving meaningful consent, and that they each raped her.”

Former Blackburn striker Goodwillie who now plays for Plymouth Argyle will  not be taking part in his side’s FA Cup mega-tie with Liverpool tomorrow night after the club suspended him pending investigations around the case. Robertson now plays for Cowdenbeath has also been suspended by the club.

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