Gutierrez Launches Stinging Attack On Newcastle United

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Cancer survivor Jonas Gutierrez has said that he will ‘never forgive’ Newcastle United for their lack of support for him after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Gutierrez underwent an operation to have a testicle removed and when he was on his road to recovery Gutierrez was instructed to find another club by the Toon board.

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The men who stir hatred in Newcastle hearts.


Gutierrez, speaking to French television’s Canal+ this week said; “I won’t be able to forgive the way I’ve been treated, no?” said the Argentine, who was eventually loaned out to Norwich in January last year by Newcastle following his successful operation.

Jonas continued to lambast Newcastle for the treatment he received from them;

“It is clear that they look after the club’s interests, but I think in a situation like that, you need to save (consider) other things, even more as I had been playing for five years before having this problem. I was always playing.”

Possibly more shocking what the fact that Newcastle United allowed Jonas to pay for his own medical treatment;

 “I never asked for anything. I paid for it because for me, the most important thing, as I told you, was my health. If they thought it was OK to do it that way, then it’s OK…I never asked for anything and that’s it. I wasn’t interested.”

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Gutierrez makes his return to the first team.


Gutierrez returned to action for the Toon Army in February and received a raucous welcome from the Geordie faithful, a fan base that has been very vocal in their support of Gutierrez, who’s return to the 1st team is nothing short of a fairytale.

The fans realise the importance of what Gutierrez has been through and how he has overcome a career threatening illness, it’s just a shame that Pardew, Ashley and the rest of the Newcastle board don’t feel the same way.

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