“Greatest Trick I Ever Pulled…Was My Hamstring”, Reveals Darren Anderton’s Daring New Autobiography

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Throughout the history of football there’s been a special player for every generation. A player whose name is forever etched into the memory of fans the world over.

Sometimes such names evoke great goals, like that of Marco van Basten and his beautiful bicycle kick in the Ajax outfit of ’81. Other times it’s a neat drag-back that delights our senses, like the one Johan Cruyff introduced centerstage at the World Cup in 1974.

Then there are the players who seemingly defy the laws of human biology. Those, that, when given a chance, can turn on a sixpence, leaving all and sundry in their wake far, far behind.

Think Maradona. Think Zidane.

Think Darren Anderton.

The greatest trick I ever pulled was my hamstring”, reveals the former England midfielder in a daring autobiography charting his success as a young footballer starting out with the world at this feet.

The book, titled “Forever Fit: The Longevity Tips of a Tottenham Talisman”, charts Anderton’s journey as plucky young midfielder starting out at Portsmouth to playing week-in week-out at Spurs and eventually finding fame at the heart of the England national team.

Inside, Anderton offers his own unique health and fitness tips that helped him reach peak performance, never miss a game and enjoy success in his later years tearing apart lower league defences at Bournemouth.

With testimonials from other England internationals including the likes of Andy Carroll, Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge, Anderton’s book has been described as a “fitness phenomenon” with the Southampton-born player described has “having a midas touch” when it comes to staying out of sickbay and sitting pretty at the top of one’s game.

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