Graeme Souness Twists The Knife into Jose Mourinho

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The off season; a time where there is a multitude of transfer gossip, sub-standard international tournaments and a lot of wishing if it is August yet. Unfortunately the new football season is six or so weeks away but thankfully Graeme Souness has whipped something of a hornets nest over Old Trafford.

That is because the Sky Sports Pundit and more importantly Liverpool legend Graeme Souness has stoked up the burning fires which is the rivalry between Manchester United and the Merseysiders after his comments yesterday.

In between United being linked with just about every footballer on the face of the Earth, the former Scottish international has gone on record by saying that the Red Devils made a mistake by hiring Jose Mourinho. Ouch

Souness who was never afraid of leaving the boot in when on the pitch has gone in two footed this time around with what he said yesterday, he told Yahoo Sport

“I didn’t think Mourinho was right for United and I said that from day one,”

Now it should come as no real surprise that someone with such a heavy link to Liverpool is not giving any credit to someone connected to the club’s arch rivals but these comments are sure to draw the ire of the United fanbase.

The three time European Cup winner did not stop there though as he left a stud mark on Jose Mourinho with this additional soundbite

“Because Guardiola was coming in at Manchester City, the people making decisions at Old Trafford felt compelled to go and get a big name manager and they ended up with Jose.”

So in short Souness is intimating that the only reason that the “Special One” is at the club is due to them missing out on the appointment of Pep Guardiola, talk about kicking a man when he is down. Then again that is something that the 64 year old was used to during his illustrious career.

Now whether the Portuguese managerial kingpin takes too much credence remains to be seen, you would imagine that it would have not gone down all that well but then again these are the kind of comments that he tends to thrive on.

Whether Souness is right in his comments remains to be seen, they may have won a whole host of trophies last season but the fact that they only managed a 6th place finish in the Premier League is no doubt going to smart somewhat and that is something that Mourinho will have to address going into the 2017/18 campaign.

One thing that is for sure though is that when the Sky Sports cameras next roll up to Old Trafford for the titanic clash between Manchester United and Liverpool it might just be a little frosty if Mourinho and Souness have the misfortune of bumping into each other.

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