Former Southampton Player Refuses Chievo Move to Dedicate His Life to Music

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Former Southampton striker is quite the enigmatic character, an activist, a poet, a musician and obviously a footballer. The striker has been no stranger to controversy over the years as well having once agreed with Eric Cantona’s infamous Kung-Fu kick and once giving Eric Lamela a slap because he was ‘no Maradona’.

Osvaldo has never set the footballing world on fire but he has always been a steady striker, from Southampton he was loaned out to Juventus, Inter and Boca Juniors before making a switch to Porto in 2015. From Porto then long haired Italian went to Boca Juniors were he has had a pretty uneventful time, well that is if you consider being fired for smoking in the dressing room uneventful.


During the transfer window it was time for Osvaldo to find another club, the 30 year old was courted by Italian side Chievo and after much interest and negotiations, Pablo decided that it wasn’t for him and that instead he would quit the game of football at the tender age of 30 in order to focus on his music career. sources suggest that Osvaldo wants to start his own rock band but we can’t help thinking that he might be a little over the hill for that sort of thing.

The renegade striker certainly displayed rock star behaviour during his career so at least he has that part of being a rock star sorted, whether or not he can do anything else that even resembles music is yet to be seen. If it doesn’t go to plan he can always music business management route.

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