Former Prem and Ireland Striker Charged For Beating Up Teenage Daughter

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Former Southampton and Northern Ireland striker Jim Magilton has been formerly charged with beating up his teenage daughter, an incident which took place on the 7th of January. The former Premier League player has been to court where it was heard that the Irishman gave his teenage step daughter “a couple of slaps to the head and dragged her down the stairs by the arms,” nice guy!

Magilton is currently serving as the U-21s manager for Northern Ireland and has denied the claims in court, naturally.

The Irishman famously lost his job as QPR manager after an incident which saw him headbutt Akos Buzsaky following a defeat to Watford. The Ulsterman kicked off big time in the changing rooms and ending up getting into the skirmish with Buzsaky ending up on the receiving end of a Glasgow Kiss, Magilton also denied this claim.

We are not at all suggesting that the two are linked however, there is a very big difference between sticking the nut on a footballer who’s robbing a living and dragging and slapping a teenage girl, although the characteristics of both victims could be considered similar.

Magilton was released on bail following his accusal and he will need to appear before the court at the end of February to plead his innocence once again. The Northern Ireland board have been pretty chill about the whole thing and are yet to suspend the former Saints attacker. Guilty or not, we’ll let you know if the Irishman really did go batshit crazy with the teenager or not.

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