Former Newcastle Striker Faustino Asprilla Stops Pilot Having a Piss Because of Germanwings Disaster

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Former Colombian striker and lover of all things narcotic and cartwheels ‘Tino’ Asprilla caused a stir on a flight to Moscow by hijacking the pilot’s attempt to take a piss – in fear of an aviation disaster because of the recent events with Germanwings. Oh and the maniac recorded his very own real-time thoughts on this at the time, later sharing to his thousands of fans on social media!

Asprilla can be heard saying: “I went to the pilot’s cabin. I strictly forbid the pilot to get out and urinate.”

“Because if that other lunatic locks the door in, it will happen what happened in that other flight – everyone knows.

“If he wants to urinate, I gave him an empty bottle of water.”

Tino was of course no stranger to controversy during his time in England with a myriad of on-field bust ups and an arrest for possessions of firearms. His talent was undeniable though! The enigmatic striker’s best efforts in black and white stripes was arguably against an all-star Barcelona team who he single-handedly demolished at a Champion’s League match at St James’ Park back way back in the 90’s – grabbing himself a sensational hat-trick.

Video of Tino’s renegade plane flight below:

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