Brazilian Football Legend’s Corpse “Missing”

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When you think of the Brazilian national team, you think of an endless list of players who have lit up World Football over the past few decades. One of those was Garrincha, the winger was graced with the nickname ‘The Little Bird’ and it seems as if this bird has flown the nest.

That is because the corpse of the twice World Cup winner has gone missing, Garrincha who passed away in 1983 due to chronic alcoholism was buried in the Raiz de Serra cemetery 34 years ago but it seems as if the wing wizard has gone on an adventure from beyond the grave.

The disappearance of his body was bought to light when mayor Rafael Tubarao wanted to pay tribute to the legendary player on what would have been his 84th birthday. Only those respects were not possible as Garrincha was not 6 feet under.

This undoubtedly has caused embarrassment for the mayor as he has a missing body on his hands while no shortage of distress for Garrincha’s family who will obviously want to see their loved one rediscovered.

Perhaps this is a ploy by a Brazilian manager to evoke the spirit of Garrincha in a bid to get results.
It could well be a lowly club looking for talent but having a shortage of money, so their only option is to dig up former internationals from beyond the grave. Kind of like a Brazilian version of the film “Weekend at Bernie’s”

That idea may be a bit fanciful and I would imagine the plan is more nefarious than that, although it does beg the question why would you dig up a deceased footballer. Does that mean someone is going to exhume Sir Stanley Matthews anytime soon?

The Mayor of Mage where Garrincha was buried has vowed to his remains and was quoted as saying
“I will exhume bodies in all the tombs where he might be and use DNA testing to find out of one of the bodies is Garrincha’s.”

Strong reassuring words from Mr Mayor but he then also went to mention that he has no idea where Garrincha currently is, so that is hardly going to fill the family of the wing wizard with any real confidence.

There are a number of theories as to where he may well now reside. His remains may have been replaced or lost, cemetery bosses have admitted, when staff moved them to an above ground niche. While some reckon that he was moved after another family member passed away therefore requiring the tomb for Garrincha.

It seems as if this one of the biggest transfer (of bones) saga’s of this Summer is fully underway.

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