Felipe Melo Tries to Shake Violent Image, Through Being Violent

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Brazilian defensive midfielder Felipe Melo has something of a reputation for being a fucking nutter, throughout the last decade Melo has been wandering through Europe playing for clubs such as Juve, Roma, Galatasaray Mallorca and finally Inter, kicking lumps out of opponents.

The Brazilian courted controversy back in 2014 Melo even kicked a fan in Las Vegas who was taunting him with Fenerbahce jibes whilst the midfielder was playing for rivals Galatasaray. Melo also received a little unwanted attention when he was sent off whilst playing for Inter Milan for kicking Lazio man Lucas Biglia in the neck. Fair to say that Melo is far from what his name would suggest.

This week Melo has made his return to Brazil and signed a 3 year long deal with Palmeiras and at his first press conference for the side, he was keen to dispel the false image of him that has been portrayed by the media.

“The story being told that I am violent is created by the media. In the last four or five years, I have only received four red cards. For a midfielder who is accustomed to doing dirty work, that is very little.”

So far so good right, in fact he puts his argument across pretty well and many in the room would have no doubt agreed with him that his reputation is perhaps a little unfair. Unfortunately for Felipe, you can’t keep your true feelings down forever and the midfielder then followed up, adding:

“But if I have to slap an Uruguayan, I will. If I have to beat someone up, I’ll beat them up.”

Ah Felipe, so close.


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