Ex-Prem Star Adds Another Criminal Charge to His Repertoire

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Ex-Premier League striker and all round prick, Nile Ranger has just pleaded guilty to an online bank fraud which saw him steal personal details from a woman and transfer money into his bank account. The wannabe gangster who regularly posts ridiculous things on Instagram where he likes to give the impression that he is the English Lil Wayne denied a second count of money laundering, but guilty to the charge of fraud where he stole a whopping £2,009, living that thug life Nile?

Ranger who currently plays for league giants Southend United is clocking up some impressive statistics and currently averaging a criminal conviction every 2.05 goals with 25 career goals and 12 convictions, Marlon King would be proud of that stat.

Providing further evidence of how much of a tosser Ranger is, his defence argued that he should be given leniency because it would be his first serious conviction in 10 years. Some defence isn’t it!!

Let’s take a look at the former England U-19 player’s rap sheet.

2007 – Sent to young offenders institute for robbery aged 15

2011 – Questioned by police after posing with replica gun

2011 – Arrested on suspicion of assault and leaving man unconscious in street, found not guilty

2011 – Charged with being drunk and disorderly 3 days after returning to Newcastle’s first team after being exiled with reserves following gun incident.

2012 – Fined by FA after homophobic slurs on Twitter

2012 – Arrested and charged with criminal damage, somehow escaped sentencing after arguing that he smashed a door in because he thought his missus had been kidnapped.

2013- Arrested on suspicion of rape and charged, found not guilty in the courtroom.

2013 – Charged with common assault after incident in Newcastle

2014 – Arrested for criminal damage to a Liverpool taxi, found guilty

2014 – Guilty for criminal damage again, caught on CCTV breaking door and punching girlfriend

2014 – Found asleep at the wheel whilst on the motorway, cleared for drink driving

2016 – Arrested for bank fraud

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