El Hadji Diouf Slams Gerrard & Carragher – Carra Responds

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When you think of El Hadji Diouf it is fair to say that the former Senegal international is not too fondly enamoured on Merseyside. After joining Liverpool in 2002 he never really performed as well for his club then he did for his country.

A somewhat tumultuous stint at Anfield came to an end back in 2005 when he was bought to the Reebok Stadium by Big Sam and showed a lot more of what he was capable of for Bolton Wanderers.

Now if for example Diouf was to have planned an unlikely trip to Liverpool I doubt he would be all that well received and with the comments he has made recently I think it best to give the city a very wide steer.

That is because he has laid the boot into not one but two of the clubs legendary players, with former teammates Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher caught in the crossfire of the Senegalese star, then again I think the mention of the word ‘mates’ may well be stretching it slightly.

In a recent interview, El Hadji Diouf certainly did not hold back as he let Stevie G know exactly what he thinks of him. His comment that they did not get on because they both have big ego’s is fair enough and nothing too out of the ordinary, but then Diouf fires in this beauty.

“Stevie G, he was a very good player. Everyone likes him in Liverpool but he never did anything for England”

Ouch. Now Hadji Diouf has been known to be involved in the odd spitting incident throughout his career but this one is just spitting fire. There is certainly no holding back here and that is not something that is going to forge anything resembling a friendship.

And the former Leeds United man does not even care what Gerrard thinks because he then goes on to give us a geography lesson by saying:

“I’m El Hadji-Diouf, I’m Mr Senegal, He’s Mr Liverpool. Senegal is bigger than Liverpool’

And from a land mass point of view our new Geography teacher is not wrong

But he did not stop there as after leaving a stud mark or two on Gerrard he then went in two footed on Jamie Carragher, this is the kind of comment that has walking straight down the tunnel before you’ve even be shown the Red Card.

“As for Jamie Carragher, if he wasn’t a Scouser he would never have played football in his life”


So in one foul swoop, El Hadji Diouf has alienated every fan connected to the Anfield outfit and become persona non grata on Merseyside. That said at least he can hide in Senegal because as we now know it much bigger than Liverpool, thanks for clearing that one up mate.

Carra responded in good humour, clearly learning his lesson after his Twitter war that went too far with shittest right back to ever win a premiership medal, Danny Simpson a few weeks back.

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