Grown Man & Woman Steal Beckford Shirt From Child…Then Puts It Up For Sale

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adults steal beckford shirt from kid

Imagine you’re a young boy at Wembley Stadium who has just witnessed your team thump their opponents 4-0 in a playoff final and your club has been promoted up a division. Being the starry-eyed dreamer that you are, you spot an opportunity when the star of the match who scored a hat-trick (Jermaine Beckford) throws his shirt in your direction.

You grab it and the adrenaline kicks in. You’ve got the shirt. You’ve actually got the fu**ing shirt!! Hold on tight. Your mates try and grab it off you because well, boys will be boys and kids will be kids. However, you walk away with the shirt because even children know that it’s wring to steal.

You’re proud as punch with your childhood moment which you’ll undoubtedly bore your future grandkids with when they come over for Sunday dinner. That is of course until some heartless woman comes over, with the aid of a soulless bloke who cruelly rip the shirt from your hands to claim it for themselves. And that is exactly what has happened to one poor little Preston North End fan. To rub salt into an open wound, the woman shortly after breaking the lad’s heart put the shirt up for sale on classified ad site Gumtree for £1, 500.



The social media football community have gotten together to get the boy’s shirt back and the ad has since been taken down. Share this article or join this Facebook group for updates which includes the video of the incident below so we can provide some much needed justice for the young boy and reunite him with his shirt.

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