Dinamo Bucharest With Epic Prank on Steaua

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As with most inter-city rivals, Dinamo Bucharest and Steaua Bucharest have a long history and a rivalry that over the years has been marred with violence with political undertones. The rivalry is more than just one of two teams in the same city, this is a rivalry that has been stoked by politics. When under a communist regime, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Police were divided between the two clubs and the hatred continued, this reached a crescendo in ’86 when Steaua surprisingly won the European Cup beating Barcelona in the final, the envy from Dinamo was off the charts.



Fast forward to today and Dinamo have just pulled off one of the grandest of pranks against their arch enemies. Steaua had commissioned a huge ‘tifo’ to be displayed at the game against Manchester City to celebrate 30 years since that emphatic European Cup triumph. Having caught wind of this the Dinamo pranksters stepped up.

Posing as stadium staff, the crafty group of Dinamo fans altered the lettering of the planned ‘tifo’ then they sat back and waited for the World to watch. As millions at home settled in to watch the Champions League tie, the display was unveiled, to those who aren’t fluent in Romanian, it would appear as though nothing happened, on closer inspection however, all is not what it seems.


Instead of a strong message of support and celebration from the Steaua fans, they instead held up lettering that said:

Doar Dinamo Bucuresti” (Only Dinamo Bucharest).”

Naturally the unsuspecting fans below the letters had no idea and by the time anyone from the stadium had realised what had gone on, it was too late. What an epic prank, done on the grandest stage of them all and one that has rubbed a shitload of salt into the wound of Steaua Bucharest who were later beaten 0-5 by a rampant Manchester City.

Hats off!

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