Di Canio Suspended From Sky Sports Italia After Fascist Storm

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Italian nutcase Paolo di Canio has been suspended from his position as a pundit for Sky Sports Italia after displaying his pro-Mussolini fascist tattoo on air. The fiery Italian’s fascist standpoint has followed him around during his whole career and in all fairness, he’s rarely done much to hide it.

Despite claiming in 2003: “I am not interested politics. I am not affiliated to any organisation. I am not a racist and I do not share fascist ideologies. I respect everyone.” the former West Ham and Celtic striker was regularly seen offering right wing salutes to the Lazio ultras and in contrary to his previous statement, told Italian newspapers “I am a fascist, not a racist.”


Di Canio was working for Sky Italia at the weekend and decided to wear a short sleeved shirt, you know, to show off a little skin, unfortunately for the Italian his skin displays a tattoo with the letters DVX or ‘DUX’ which was fascist dictator Mussolini’s nickname. Sensitive viewers were outraged with being able to see the tattoo and Sky Sport Italia has wilted to pressure from its viewers by suspended the Italian nut-job. Sky released the following to statement to explain their position:

“We made a mistake. We apologise to all those we have offended the sensibilities. After talking at length with Di Canio, despite his professionalism and football expertise, together we decided to suspend his collaboration.”

Even though he is no longer a player, di Canio finds it very hard to stay away from the column inches, whether it be for his mad behavior, his political views or his fiery temper and we love it, keep it coming Paolo.

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