Crazy Balotelli Moments: 5 Of The Best Super Mario Stories

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Crazy Balotelli has provided us all with a ridiculous amount of entertainment over the years and he is one of those characters that, simply put, the game cannot do without (unless you’re a suffering manager of course). We decided to try and whittle the hundreds of crazy Balotelli moments from the Italian nutcase down to a top 5 which was a difficult task, fortunately we just about managed and here they are:

1.) Crazy (But Nice) Balotelli confronts a bully

Balotelli has a sympathetic side to his craziness.

Whilst playing for Manchester City Balotelli was approached at the teams’ training complex by a young fan asking for an autograph, Mario obliged but questioned the boy as to why he wasn’t at school. It turns out that the boy was being bullied and decided to play truant to avoid the bully, Mario then took it upon himself to take the boy and his mother down to the school and confront the bully and the head teacher. Apparently Balotelli sat in on a ‘mediation’ between the two boys as well. What a guy.

2.) Crazy Balotelli dresses as Santa and hands out cash on the street

Super Mario asking Santa for therapy for Christmas.

On the eve of Manchester City’s chigh profile clash with Arsenal in December 2011 Balotelli decided that instead of resting up he would dress up as Santa Claus and drive around Manchester in his car with the roof down and hand out cash to the locals. The story was dismissed by a Man City spokesperson but when manager Roberto Mancini was asked about it he replied “With Mario, it’s possible.” Of course it is.

3.) Crazy Balotelli sets fireworks off in bathroom

Crazy Balotelli ironically poses with fireworks!

The day before the Manchester derby in 2011 fire services were called to Balotelli’s rented mansion after a party in which Mario set off fireworks in his bathroom, as you can imagine it didn’t go down well and he managed to cause £400,000 worth of damage to the rented property. When the big game came Balotelli scored against United and celebrated with the now famous ‘WHY ALWAYS ME?’ T-shirt.

4.) Crazy Balotelli Gatecrashes Inter Milan press conference

Balotelli gatecrashes Inter Milan press conference.

Whilst he was still a Manchester City player Mario gatecrashed the unveiling and first press conference of temporary Inter manager Andrea Stramaccioni just to say hello, of course the press weren’t too bothered but Roberto Mancini saw it the other way.

5.) Most Expensive & Crazy Balotelli Moments – the shopping list

Balotelli goes shopping in style.

During his time in Manchester Balotelli lived with his mother for a while, one day she asked Mario to go shopping and get some ‘household items’ as he had only recently moved into the house. Crazy Mario returned with a Scalextric, a trampoline and two Vespa scooters. You simply can’t make it up!

And for a bonus…

Finally we will leave you in the hands of Jose Mourinho and one of the best stories about Mario.

Did we miss out anything out? Share below your favourite crazy Balotelli moment.

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