Why We Should NOT Change How Football is Refereed

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video replays or not?

video replays or not?

The spotlight is well and truly on the officials of the English Premier League and the heat gets turned up an extra level every week after yet another ridiculous refereeing decision. Another missed call by a linesman. A contradiction here, a double standard there. It enrages us football fans and you know what – we love it!

That’s right we love to moan and whine and talk of conspiracies. We cherish the moments where we can argue amongst ourselves about whether it was a penalty or not. We need it. We want it. We live for it. Football is often referred to as the ‘most opinionated sport in the world’ and with the recent panic-stricken calls for the overuse of video technology – our opinions are going to become devalued.

More to the point – they are going to make the game that we love a lot more boring. We’re at danger of ‘evolving’ into an American sport, laden with unnecessary stoppages for each little decision. Have you ever sat and watched an American sport (basketball being the exception?) It’s enough to drive a man to tears of monotony.

We already have enough unnecessary stoppages with the horrendous simulation which goes on in today’s game. Retrospective ban/fine for diving? I’m all for that! Have full-time referees to improve the standard? Yup! Rise of the machines? I’ll take a pass, thanks.

Where would football be without Jose Mourinho pouting and storming out after a presenter sees an incident different to him? What would MOTD be like without Gary Lineker having a cheeky pop at the ref after another fuck up? Are we in danger of making the game more lifeless? No one wants to see a game based on fluidity constantly interrupted.

The referee IS a wanker. He will always be a wanker. And we wouldn’t have him any other way.

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