Costa Nears Exit After Trolling Conte

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It has been known for a long time that Premier League villain Diego Costa has been wanting to ditch the Chelsea shirt in favour of a move elsewhere. Throughout January there was the Chinese league saga when everyone thought that the international turncoat would follow the gravy train and head across to the Orient deciding instead to stay and lift the league title with the Blues.

The summer transfer window has so far been pretty quiet for Costa but things look to be hotting up after he trolled the shit out of Antonio Conte during his recent Instagram antics.

Dancing his way around the room wearing an Atletico Madrid shirt, Costa wants to let everyone know exactly where his loyalties lie.

Cesc Fabregas clearly though it was funny and commented on the live feed, before Costa replied telling the Spanish midfielder to give Conte a hug for him (Dale un abrazo de Conte).

How the rest of the summer will play out is uncertain, especially after Jose Mourinho swooped in to snatch the Lukaku deal away from his old club. One thing is for certain however, Costa  clearly does not want to be playing for Chelsea for very much longer.

What’s your thoughts on Costa? Filthy fucker or misunderstood? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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