Sergio Aguero Explains Why He Gave Fan a Slap

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As if Manchester City’s 1-0 defeat at the hands Wigan in their FA Cup 4th Round tie last night wasn’t enough excitement, the aftermath of the game arguably offered as many talking points as the 90 minutes that preceded it.

Will Grigg was once again on fire as he played the mighty Manchester City dragons and put an end to their hopes of winning the quadruple. After the match however was when the real action started, as fans descended onto the pitch, with winning Wigan fans looking to congratulate their players, and City fans looking for a tear up.

In amongst the melee, Sergio Aguero was seen dishing out a tasty right hook to a boisterous fan, causing calls for the Argentine striker to be banned. As more has come out about this story, there may be something deeper going on here than simply ‘footballer-attacks-fan’.

Let’s have a look at the clip, and then a view from another angle.

Seems quite clear to us that Aguero is defending himself from the knob heads that think it is acceptable to swarm the pitch like this, we’ll let you be the judge.

In terms of Aguero’s availability to play, we shall see in the coming days as to whether or not the goal machine will be banned or not. Aguero has said to friends that the fan who rushed the pitch actually spat in his ear as the fans swarmed him, given that the Man City forward had zero protection from security, it would make sense for the FA to take a kind approach. Let’s be honest, even if he does get banned, it ain’t going to make much of a difference to the Premier League champions now is it?

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