British Parents Threaten 12-Year-Olds During Youth Cup in Sweden

 8 years, 9 months ago 2 Comments

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A football tournament in Gothenburg involving a Liverpool school team was halted after overtly “aggressive” parents stormed the pitch and threatened their children’s opponents. Thousands of youngsters from all over the world travel to Gothenburg in western Sweden to compete in the Gothia Cup every year, but for the 12-year-old Swedish footballers the match turned into somewhat of a nightmare when the referee was “forced to intervene” after a group of parents acted in an aggressive way, “hurling insults and profanities” at their children’s Swedish opponents, Bollnäs P12.

Principal of De La Salle Catherine Flaherty said: “The football tour to Gothenburg has been led by De La Salle staff taking pupils from a variety of primary schools in the city. The parents involved in this situation are not parents of De La Salle students. The De La Salle academy does not condone this type of behaviour and is saddened that such an incident has marred a very successful tour for players and staff.”

The young referee was forced to call for back-up during the second half. When the match ended there were five referees present on the pitch, including a Fifa inspector.

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