Israeli Team Chased Off Pitch By Crazy Bulgarian Fans After Red Card (Video)

 8 years, 11 months ago 0 Comments

Israeli outfit Ashdod were chased off the field by CSKA Sofia fans after an Ashdod player was sent off for a hard tackle. The CSKA fans stormed the field, chasing the Israeli players whilst throwing bottles at them until the terrified team members completely left the field of play.

According to Bulgarian site, the fans were upset with the physical nature of Ashdod’s play. CSKA supporters, particularly the group known as “Sector G,” are well known for being violent at times and the club have been through a tough time recently – getting relegated to Bulgaria’s third tier after financial difficulties. However, the chants of “cigani” in the back mean “gypsies” which is unfortunately a racist slur in Bulgaria.

Check out the videos and watch it all kick off!


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