How to Break Up With a Girl, Schweinsteiger Style

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Bastian Schweinsteiger has always had a reputation as a playboy, and many thought that he’d calmed himself down in 2007 when he started dating the stunning model Sarah Brandner, it’s fair to say he was punching well above his weight, even for a rich and successful footballer.



So rumours circulated in December that our man Bastian had been seen cozying up to Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic, equally as fit!!




Then in a training session during Bayern Munich’s winter break in Qatar, Schweinsteiger was seen wearing boots with a certain somebody’s name blacked out, thus confirming in Bastian’s special way that it is over.

Quite a move from the German, Hugh Heffner would be proud, so the good news is boys that Sarah Brandner is back on the market and as far as we are aware, so is Ana Ivanovic, great news for all you single (and taken) guys out there!!

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