Jonas Gutierrez, Back From Cancer, Being A Legend, And Scoring Again

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Jonas Gutierrez announced at the end of last year that he’d been given a medical discharge and was able to once again play football after having treatment for testicular cancer and in recent weeks has delighted Newcastle fans as he returned to training with his beloved ‘toon.



Gutierrez endeared himself to the fans a thousand times over yesterday when it was reported that Gutierrez responded to a tweet from a fan whose Dad was dying from cancer and meeting Jonas would be a dying wish… and Jonas stepped up to the plate and visited the man in the final hours of his life, what a legend of a man!!


Then last night Jonas Gutierrez played a full 90minute game for Newcastle as they took on Bolton Wanderers in the U21 League and only went and scored a screamer!! We could not be happier for the guy and for Newcastle fans everywhere as we see the immense progress Jonas has made, he was interviewed after the game and said this.


“The most important thing is to get fit and play games.

“Of course, you always want to win, but for me it’s about trying to get fit and do the best in training and give 100 per cent.

“It’s always nice waking up in the morning and knowing I have to train – with the chemotherapy and the treatment I wasn’t allowed to do it.

“I missed it a lot, and I enjoy it more than ever.”


Can’t wait to see you back for club and country Jonas, maybe time to bring Spiderman back??

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