Antonio Cassano On Shagging Celebrities and Croissants Addiction

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With the pre-season wait seemingly agonising long and the transfer rumour mill seemingly full of sh*t – football fans have delved deep into the archives of old school football, to bring back a killer excerpt from controversial Italian forward Antonio Cassano’s autobiography five years ago:

“Four girlfriends in 11 years are not a lot”) and about the others (“To make up for that, I’ve also had other flings here and there. Let’s say 600-700 women, some twenty of which were from the entertainment world.”) And he added: “I’ve often played a great match after having sex. Watch the 4-0 of the Roma-Juve match. I had sex that Sunday morning with one of the many friends I had at the time.

It was even easier in Madrid because we were in a hotel, all on the same floor, so it was easy to invite whomever I wanted from upstairs or downstairs and meet her during the night. I had a friend who was a waiter. His job was to bring me 3 or 4 croissants after I had sex. He would bring the croissants up the stairs, I would escort the woman to him and we would make an exchange: he would take the girl and I would take the croissants. Sex and then food, a perfect night.”

Sounds like this bloke won’t have too many regrets of a wasted life on his deathbed. Cassano has a lovely way with words and recently he affirmed; “I have refused Juventus four times. It’s a beautiful p***y but it doesn’t get me horny.”

At the mature age of 32 we hope the Italian lothario comes out with a few more pearlers like this before he ends his career. On an end note – here’s the post-shag/French pastry game he was referring to…

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