Some Real Betis Fans Support Domestic Violence & Will Be Punished

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Meet 33 year-old Betis striker Ruben Castro, In December he was charged for four separate accounts of domestic violence towards his ex partner, facing the prospect of two years behind bars. And some select neanderthal fans think it’s funny.

In last Saturday’s home game, fans for the 2nd time proudly chanted: “Rubén Castro alé, Ruben Castro alé, no fue tu culpa, era una p***, lo hiciste bien” which translates as ‘Ruben Castro, it was not your fault, she was a w****, you did the right thing.

Mixed with:

“Ruben Castro, it was not your fault, she was a w****, you did well!” rang out from Betis ultras behind the south stand.

The Spanish football association is said to be taken a zero-tolerance policy on these chants and rumours suggest a serious possibility of shutting down the club’s South End of the Stadium. It’s good to see the authorities taking action and not sweeping taboo subjects under the carpet like they do in England, but is this a case of blanket punishment gone too far? What about the Betis fans who were disgusted by the chants and are innocent? Why should they be punished?

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