Referee Punched in Indian Football Game, Fights Back

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We all get frustrated by referees, even as fans so we can’t imagine how the players and coaches must feel, violence must spring to mind often. And that is exactly what happened in a recent game in India. The violence kicked off during a game between the Army XI and Aryans, the fight kicked off in the last minute of the game following a dispute over a substitution’s shirt number. The fourth official’s refusal to change the number on the substitution board was clearly deemed sufficient provocation for the army boys to get violent.

At first, the hapless fourth official did his best to evade the army coaches as tension rose, after being kicked and punched however, the fourth man defended himself honorably as army coach B B Kakkar tried his best to knock the ref out.

In the end police stepped in and cleared up the affair with the match commissioner making an official complaint. The angry army coach stated that he didn’t do anything wrong and was quoted as saying:

“I never hurt the referee. Referee did the mistake. We protested. The referee at first attacked us. Then we replied him.”

The footage below however paints a very different story to the one that the coach tells, it looks to us like the referee was attacked first, take a look and see what you think about the attack.

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