Nolberto Solano Reveals To LOLfootball The Best and Worst Player He Played With at Newcastle United

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We were lucky enough to be at a Sports Dinner tonight with none other than Geordie legend, Nolberto Solano, not ‘with’ him you understand, just watching. “Nobby” was in fine form as he faced questions from ex Newcastle player Joe Allen ranging from his feelings on the current situation at the ‘Toon,’ why Bobby Robson sold him and the effect of foreign players in our game. It was then the audiences’ turn to throw some questions at Solano and of course, these questions were a tad meatier than Joe’s, fortunately Nobby had an answer for everything.

Solano began talking about his time at Boca Juniors and playing with his “hero,” Maradona at the club, Maradona named Solano ‘Maestrito,’ or ‘Little Master,’ pretty cool coming from the world’s greatest! Nolberto said he had never even considered coming to England, and that “he wasn’t sure where Newcastle was” before he arrived at Newcastle United in a move that would define his football career. He spoke about his love for the city of Newcastle, the people, the support and it’s passion, and that he refers to Newcastle as his “adopted home,” Solano’s love for the game of football is clear to see even in retirement, he regularly spoke about young players “should not be wanting the flash car or the best house, or the prettiest girls, they should work hard and love the game.”

Nolberto Solano On The Best He Ever Played With

The artist, formally known as 'Nobby.'

The artist, formally known as ‘Nobby.’


Nobby was asked “who was the best player you played with in England?” Solano shocked the room with his response…

“Kieron Dyer”

Despite gasps from the audience Nolberto Solano described that he and Dyer were essential to Newcastle midfield and that they had a perfect understanding with each other, which he attributes as much to Dyer as himself, crazy to think that a MR.Shearer was in that side.

“And the worst player you’ve played with at Newcastle?”

Solano appeared a little uncomfortable, being such a gent he didn’t want to name names, but he gave in to the crowd and said;

Nolberto Solano On The Worst He Ever Played With

Bramble was so bad that Nolberto Solano sent him down the road to Sunderland.

Titus Shambles – lest we forget.

“Well er, we had to speak to Titus a lot, Titus Bramble, we’d say ‘we need to this win today Titus’ come on.”

That was as brutal as the Peruvian was going to get but he still called Titus out, despite the crowd shouting Shola at him, to be fair to him, it must be tough deciding between Titus and Shola.

Solano was close to the Dyer and Bowyer fight on the pitch during his Aston Villa sides’ game against Newcastle, he told us it was the crazy thing he’s seen on a pitch, he said he was shocked but went on to tell us that when he re-signed for Newcastle that Dyer and Bowyer were the best of friends.

A member of the audience asked him if foreign players in the league were spoiling English talent, Solano sat on the fence somewhat but did say that we should be proud of the Premier League and the National side equally, he spoke about Suarez’ passion for his country when he played against England in the World Cup despite risking further injury, he joked “Andy Carroll would not do that.”

“Best player in the world and best player in the Premier League”

“Messi because he does more for the team but Ronaldo when he is good it is individual and not for the team…Hazard, but if Aguero has less injuries then maybe it will be him.”

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Nolberto Solano’s desire now is to get into management, his coaching badges are complete and he’s looking for an English job, he was asked if he was up for the Hartlepool job but he said he had no particular club in mind. The night was great, the man has sheer class and genuinely loves the game, despite his strange view on Kieron Dyer he is still a legend of the game.

Nobby is surely one of the most underrated winger to have ever graced the English Premier League. What’s your favourite Nolberto Solano memory?

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