Napoli Fans Plan Brilliantly Childish Greeting for Higuain

 7 years, 4 months ago 0 Comments

When Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain returns to old club Napoli in April, he will be walking in to a cauldron of hate. Sometimes when players return to former clubs they are given a heroes welcome, a kind gesture from respectful fans to show their gratitude to a loved player. When Higuain returns however, this will not be the case and the Napoli fans have planned instead to blow a giant, synchronised raspberry to remind the Argentine just how much he is despised following leaving the club for the bright lights of Juventus.

Higuain hasn’t done much to appease the fans since leaving, scoring the winner in the Juve v Napoli game was just adding salt into the gaping Naples wound. The reception that Higuain should be expecting seems to be tamer than one would have thought, especially in a country whose Ultras love nothing more than playing with knives and fire where football is concerned. The Neapolitans however have different ideas for the traitor and one prominent supporter sent a message circulating around fan forums.

“Leave at home all violent intent. The Neapolitan people, civilised as we are, resolve issues not with violence, but in a peaceful manner to even the most deadly of wrongs…“(We’d like to see) a single giant raspberry synchronised throughout the entire stadium and then leave it all behind us. Goodbye to rancour, because life goes on.”

Quite noble stuff from the Italians and no quite the horse’s head like many would of thought!!

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