Millwall Fans Riot at Rotherham

 9 years, 3 months ago 0 Comments

millwall fans

The ever so lovely Millwall FC were set to play in a highly emotional relegation battle at Rotherham. What could possibly go wrong? The clue was in the ‘Millwall,’ the London club have been infamous for years for their football hooliganism and yesterday’s ugly scenes won’t be doing anything to help the club’s massively tainted image.

The euphoric scenes of a Rotherham goal were met with equal feelings of disdain from the Millwall supporters. And so it began – fully grown men, some of them maybe with kids and a family – snarling through their teeth, trying to let the opposing fans ‘ave sum’ for being so rude as to score a goal against their team!

The picture and videos do the talking. Football hooliganism really seems to be the shit that won’t flush. Do you have any fond memories of the Millwall fans?

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