Man Utd Stars Filmed Teammate Having Sex In Toilet

 9 years, 3 months ago 2 Comments

Manchester United have launched an inquiry into their players after reports emerged that one of the players had sex with a girl in the toilet of a popular haunt for the United players, and his teammates filmed it! Apparently the video is being shared around the team and has become a source of banter for the players.

The Sunday Sun reports that the girl ‘performed a sex act’ on the United star as the players filmed from over the top of the cubicle and the girl is now afraid that the video will go viral (so was Kardashian and Hilton…) The Sun’s source said:

 ‘They were in the toilets with the doors closed but other players were filming over the top of the door. It’s disgusting behaviour.The girl has also been told there was someone filming from underneath.”

Disgusting behaviour…yes, more disgusting than having sex with a stranger in a public toilet.. not quite, I think it’s fair to say that nobody comes out of this looking good.

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So far the ‘always accurate’ newspaper haven’t given any details on who the player or players are that were involved in the incident but we can’t imagine this will be looked upon favourably by Louis Van Gaal who is someone we wouldn’t like to be on the wrong side of.

We have our own ideas on who it might be, who do you think was involved?

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