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Paul Pogba has suffered several backlashes from the press and fans due to inconsistency in his performance. Sometimes his club manager Jose Mourinho has to take the fall for his inactions on the field of play. An argument ensued about the best position he should be played, which most people felt should be the forward role. For example, Ryan Giggs a former United player believes Pogba should be played in the front position but Mourinho insists he remains a midfielder and that is the position he will continue to maintain.

Against all odds, Pogba gave a stunning performance in the Manchester derby which took place last Saturday. Though he had a very slow start in the game, finding it difficult to make any successful dribble. He rejuvenated the entire spirit of his teammates with the two goals he scored at the second-half of the game.

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What the future holds for Pogba in the united side?

Paul Pogba might just have turned around his United career within the space of 45mins.

The French midfielder who caused Man United a whopping sum of £89 million needs to harness all his talent coupled with needed effort to really up his gameplay. Considering the comments of sky sports pundit Thiery Henry about the Saturday derby where he stated that “I hope today he becomes a true united player”.

Mancity’s boss pep guardiola was also astonished by Pogba’s performance. Even after he was being deprived the chance of wrapping up the league title chase, he still congratulated Pogba about his massive comeback. For me, that sounds like a good gesture, coming from Guardiola who publicly declared that he doesn’t want the French international on his side.

The United team has an important role to play in salvaging Pogba’s almost dwindling career. With the likes of Mata, Fellani, Matic, Herrera working with him in the midfield they can better synergize with him to create more fluidity in play and more effective passes to the forward.


Paul Pogba is a promising player with awesome talents in his arsenal waiting to be launched but this can only happen when the right measures are put into perspective. The stereotype that comes with being the most expensive player, so you always have to be at your best must be corrected. Let us all fold our arms and watch him enjoy the game of football; his game.

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