Irish FA Accused of Accepting €5 Million To Shut Up About Thierry Henry Handball

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Current Chief Executive of the Football Association of Ireland, John Delaney is facing claims of an accepted bribe between FIFA and the FAI following the infamous Thierry Henry handball which subsequently prevented Ireland qualifying for the World Cup.

Last year, news sources in Ireland said that the windfall “was initially provided as a loan before being converted into a grant” and was designed “to get the FAI off Sepp Blatter’s back” and now Delaney has finally spoken out, but in true political fashion, he did a great job at dodging questions and saying a lot of words without any conclusive meaning.

“There was a legal case we had against Fifa at the time,” CEO Delaney said on RTÉ Radio. There was an arrangement that was come to but it certainly wasn’t bestowing patronage to us. That is confidential for the moment but what I will say is that at no stage have we ever voted in favour of Blatter. We have been consistent in that and I have as well.”

So he’s not denying money was switched, but is seemingly shifty about the whole affair. Or is it just a mere case of Chinese whispers?

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