How to get a college football player to date you?

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Dating a football player in college is like fulfilling the dream of every girl from the 90’s.  Do you remember all the cool American movies, such as “Mean girls” or “Clueless”? That’s right, dating a football player in high school was not only a great privilege (according to the stereotypes), it also gave you an opportunity to stand among one of the strongest and influential personalities in your school or college. You can find dating advice on every reputable dating site, but there are still some things you need to consider such as a reputable testing center for STDs!

Benefits of dating a football player:

  1. You will get popular soon.Popularity is the key to school well-being and relatively high self-esteem. It is essential in the lifetime of every teenage girl to be appreciated and greeted everywhere you go with your boyfriend.
  2. Your boyfriend has good reputation. Sportsmen, especially football players, are in favor among teachers, college professors, and your parents, of course. Usually, people prefer sporty people to nerds and geeks. Everything is highly relative.
  3. He will maintain healthy atmosphere in your relationships. Sporty football players have strong character,they know what they want from life and will require the same from you. You might acquire a healthier lifestyle, being a girlfriend of a football player.

How to date a football player?

  1. Be sporty. Of course, you don’t have to spend days and nights in the gym to acquire a perfect body. Saying that football players judge by the appearance would be extremely stereotypical and cliché. However, opposites don’t attract when it comes to drastically different lifestyles. Guys who spend hours and weeks in a team, running and jumping, will scarcely appreciate a girl who lays on the couch throughout the day. You need to have a goal. It all starts on a mental level.
  2. Be supportive. Show up at his games. You could also buy some NFL tickets and take him to a game. Shine and support, whether he wins or loses. Sure, it might be hard to stand out from the crowd of noisy fans, but you don’t need to be loud in order for him to understand your feelings. Be quiet, confident and steady. Come up to a guy when the game finishes. Tell openly of you liked the game. Say the words of appreciation. No young men would deny pure flattery or just a couple of innocent complements.
  3. Know the object and the subject. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stalk the guy. Just find out about his biggest turn-ons through his friends or teammates. But it will be splendid if you knew more about football. You have to acquire knowledge about the strategy of football, the number of players, pitches, goals – everything that will make you a master, not a complete fool in his eyes.
  4. Learn his schedule. You need to show up the same time as he attends the gym or plays with college guys. If you are not a big fan of sports, just be there, exuding charm and being charming as always. You can attend his trainings, helping him out during breaks or asking to teach some cool tricks. Guys always love when girls are involved in their hobbies. Try to be at every important game, he will appreciate your dedication and consistency.


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