Health Expert’s Advice for Students Dealing With COVID-19 Anxiety

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With a sudden hit of a deadly pandemic, people are likely to enter a state of dilemma, fear, and uncertainty. Since most people may not correctly understand a pandemic’s fate, it is essential to seek advice or encouragement from experts to minimize anxiety. A few months ago, the coronavirus pandemic almost threatened to bring everything to a halt. Therefore, many people resorted to their remote areas, not knowing the fate of their course. In case you still looking for something to do during lock down, try yourself at entry level writing jobs. Among the people affected were students. The entire education sector faced challenges by far, so did students come out of the pandemic with anxiety. In this piece, we shall highlight some of the best health tips from experts to help students dealing the COVID-19 stress.


Tip 1

According to the doctors, exercise is crucial and serves various roles altogether. With exercise regular exercise, anyone can reduce stress. However, the doctor considers that exercise does not necessarily have to be some strenuous task but rather a manageable bit of work such as walking from one place to another or within the room, ensuring a follow-up of TV workouts, among others. Therefore, it is essential to accept the fact that life has changed with the pandemic within us and therefore adopt corrective measures crucial for keeping us healthy.


Tip 2

If you are suffering from the pandemic’s anxiety when going back to school, keeping the locus of control in mind is essential. A great mindful approach will help you understand a pandemic situation.  With the locus of control, you will need to write down all the activities you can control and write down the things you cannot control. For instance, some of the activates you can control include hand sanitizing, social distancing, among many more, while those you cannot control include wondering whether other institutions have worried about the pandemic. After doing so, set your focus on all the activities you can manage to control.


Tip 3

According to Morgan Champion, it is essential to have a gratitude journal. With consistent gratitude, it is possible to positively influence the general well-being of the body and the brain in precise. It is essential to jot down some of the things you are grateful for before the start and end of each day.


Tip 4

Jason Wilkinson considers meditation as a great tool that is crucial when incorporated into the daily routine. According to studies, considering some few minutes to meditate upon your life can significantly impact handling your anxiety. Therefore, it is essential to consider some quiet place and take part in mindful meditation to counter the pressure.


Tip 5

The media has a significant role in increasing our anxiety during certain difficult situations. According to Chris, it is essential to consume media content measurably. During the coronavirus pandemic, you will often meet many posts that will reinforce anxiety through negative news. It is, therefore, crucial to limit oneself to media staying around with loved ones, and avoid excessive use of media during pandemic times.


Tip 6

A simple exercise of breathing can also help counter anxiety. When you feel anxious about some issues, it is essential to consider a 4-7-8 breathing exercise.


Countering anxiety during dreadful seasons is essential and requires personal approaches to issues. It is, therefore, necessary to consider the above tips among others as provided by experienced and professional health personnel.

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