Goalscoring Goalkeepers: Seven Of The Best Net-Busting Keepers Ever!

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Goalscoring goalkeepers are the real-life fairytales of the football world. We’ve seen literally hundreds of giant keepers go up to be a have-a-go-hero for a corner to resurrect a point or two, only to fluff their chance, foul someone badly, or worse still – to end up being the victim of a deadly counter attack and conceding a goal at the other end.

Now there is an accusation generally thrown at some goalkeepers, particularly those from South America, that the reason they went in goal is because they were the worst outfield player, but that’s not always the case because some of them couldn’t half score goals, and many of them still did it even as a goalscoring goalkeeper. Here we give you seven of our favourite goalscoring keepers; some that scored goals on a regular basis, others that scored important goal at the right time.

The Greatest Goalscoring Goalkeepers Ever

Rogerio Ceni

The passion of all goalscoring goalkeepers is clearly second to none here!

Ceni is the undisputed king of goals scored for a keeper, he has so far amassed 123 goals, 60 free kicks and 61 penalties plus two headers, quite incredible for a goalkeeper. Ceni has spent almost his entire career at Sao Paulo had has helped them to win 17 major trophies, oh and he’s not bad in net either boasting an unbelievable record for Sao Paulo and who can forget that save against Liverpool in the World Club Cup and eventual man of the match award. An absolute legendary goalkeeper who doesn’t plan to retire until he’s 42, what a man!

Jose Chilavert

A young, but never shy Jose Chilavert was one of the original goalscoring goalkeepers of his time.

Crazy Jose had the talent to match is arrogance.

Snapping at Ceni’s heels is Jose Luis Chilavert who sits at second in the all time greatest goalscoring list, fortunately for Ceni, Chilavert is now retired and can no longer get near his record. Chilavert was an audacious player who was deadly with a free kick, deadly. Chivalry banged in 67 goals in his career and proved his worth in goal time and time again on his road to a trophy filled career.

Chilavert would make his own defenders fear for their life as he brought the ball out of the 18 yard box and skinned the opposing attackers with a Cruyff turn here and there but you always expected the unexpected with this guy. Oh, in case you didn’t know; like most keepers – he was also a 100% certified nutjob.

Rene Higuita

Goalscoring goalkeeper and resident nutter Higuita, does the scorpion against England.

Higuita is fourth on the list of all time players having scored 41 goals which puts him marginally behind Dimitar Ivanov at 42 in 3rd place, but Ivanov didn’t do the scorpion kick, still to this day one of the most outrageous things we’ve ever seen on a football pitch, friendly or not.

Higuita was very much in the Chilavert in terms of a specific mould of goalscoring goalkeepers, he’d come out of the box and dribble past attackers, run up for corners and demand to take free kicks, and he was good at it. But alas it would be the moment that he introduced the world to the scorpion kick and has done some serious time inside that would form Higuita’s legendary status and for that he pips Ivanov to 3rd place.

Honourable mentions of Goalscoring Goalkeepers

Jimmy Glass

(Scored to keep Carlisle in the League)

Peter Schmeichel

(Scored 5 goals as well as being a brick wall in goal). His greatest goal was sadly ruled out for being offside. Check out this strike!

Jorge Campos

(35 goals and a crazy sense of fashion)

Asmir Begovic

(Longest distance goal ever for a keeper)

Did we miss out any of your favourite goalscoring goalkeepers?

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